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Chateau Roubaud, Dalton Wines


Special Reserve Red, White & Rose

€ 180 per case

Special Reserve Magnum

€ 119 per bottle

Traditional Reserve Red & White 35cl & 75cl

€ 166 per case

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Chateau Roubaud

Costiers De Nimes


Located 25 km from Nimes, Château Roubaud, the 75 hectares property has been family run since 1900.

Since 1927, Louis Thomas sold his wine "Château Roubaud" in bottles, which allows him to benefit from the controlled Appellation "Côtes du Rhône". In 1950, after the creation of the Appellation "V.D.Q.S." (Wine Delimited of High Quality), Château Roubaud became one of the most highly reputed vineyards and the pride of Mr. Thomas was to have been the first to bottle his wine in the "Costières du Gard".


In 1957, he retired and let his daughter, Annie Molinier, take over the business, which she brilliantly performed maintaining the tradition, the name and dynamism, that contributed in 1986 to being included in the list of the Controlled Appellation "Costières de Nîmes". Awarded regularly with gold or silver medals during agricultural competitions in Paris and in Mâcon, Château Roubaud follows the classical wine making process while incorporating modern techniques of oenology. The wine area is located in a natural prolongation of the Rhône Valley in somewhat nutrient poor lands with plenty of reddish round stones coming from the Alps. These stones assure a perfect maturity and low yield for the principal grape varieties: Carignan, Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, which give this wine


In 2003 Annie handed over the buisiness to her two children Guillaume and Francoise and so the winery continues with another generation and more awards.






Dalton Wines, Cave De Rasteau, Cotes du Rhone


Le Grand Jas

€ 155 per case

Les Viguirs Red 75cl

€163 per case

Les Viguirs White 75cl

€ 168 per case

C.D.R. Village

€182 per case

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Cave de Rasteau

Cotes du Rhone


All the Rasteau vintages contain grenache noir which makes structured aromatic wines with generosity and fullness.

The grenache is blended with syrah and mourvèdre to give the wines balance and personality.

Syrah provides lovely strong colours, aromas of red fruit, violet and pepper and adds delicacy and complexity.

Mourvèdre, grown on the best-exposed land, has well-defined tannins which give red wine its staying power and helps to express the quality and intensity of the aromas as the wine ages.











Chateau de Vertheuil Montaunoir is a family estate of 28 hectares located 45 km southeast of Bordeaux, on the hillside overlooking the Garonne river. The vineyards were purchased by the grandfather of Genevieve Ricard who was dedicated to producing a congenial wine in order to provide for his large family. It is current operated by Genevieve with her husband Philippe Durand who is the winemaker.



Chateau Montaunoir Rose

€ 177 per case

Chateau Lamothe Bouscat Blanc

€ 336 per case

Chateau Vertheuil Rouge

€ 220 per case

Chateau Montaunoir Blanc

€ 177 per case

Chateau Montaunoir 50cl Cuvee D'Or 2003

€ 500 per case of 6

Chateau Montaunoir Rouge

€ 177 per case

Chateau Grand Picquecaillou Rouge

€ 177 per case

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Dalton Wines, Montaunoir
Dalton Wines, Chateau Montaunoir
Dalton Wines, Rogor Roblot

Roger Roblot Chablis

Vins De Pay



Our cheap & cheerful Vins De Pay is ideal as your house wine. Vins De Pay is a category above table wine classification whilst remaining a category below AOC. 







€135 per case

Blanc de Blanc

€135 per case

Traditional Red

€135 per case

Rose V.D.P.

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