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Le Ife ireland, Dalton food, Truffle, Olive oil
Le Ife ireland, Dalton food, Truffle, Olive oil
White Truffle Cream

Le Ife White Truffle Cream has a lovely smooth, creamy consistency. It is recommeneded with Whole Wheat Colavita Pasta, Riscossa Arborio Rice, beef and pork dishes. Experiment and find what works for you! Check out the Recipe page for more ideas..


Le Ife Black Truffle Cream has a rich and intense flavour, enliving the senses and reminding us the wonderful earthy nature of the truffle. Recommended with Mushroom Risotto (using Riscossa Arborio Rice), Chicken & Meat dishes and of course with any of the  Colavita Pastas, see our Recipe page for more ideas..


“Le Ife” is a truffle company which emerged from the uncontaminated territory of Capracotta, high up in the mountains and wonderful valleys of Molise.


Here expert and enthusiastic men do their best to extract one of the most prestigious fruits that nature offers: the truffle. “Le Ife” was born from having a deep knowledge of the territory and a passion and love for truffles that was lost in the memories of ancient generations.


At first they searched for the truffle, then it became their business. For “Le Ife”, quality is not just a slogan, but a daily challenge for serious and motivated people who with passion and dedication,carry out a tough culinary project aiming first and foremost at defending an Italian culinary tradition.

Le Ife ireland, Dalton food, Truffle, Olive oil
Black Truffle Cream
Le Ife ireland, Dalton food, Truffle, Olive oil

White Truffle Honey

Le Ife Tartufi


Giuseppe Beniamino’s name and his company, Le Ife, in Capracotta (Molise) stand for the highest quality in processing fresh truffles and for upholding the traditional Italian manual production of foodstuffs.The Le Ife range covers all the classical truffle products as well as high-quality specialities.



The honey comes from Molisan hills and it is enriched with white truffle. “Le Ife” honey is recommended for being tasted with cheeses, especially those with a strong flavour and seasoned (pecorino, caprino).

It adds a delicate and palatable taste of white truffle and a sweet flavour.

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