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Dalton's Wines 


The following wines have been sourced directly and are grown, harvested and bottled at the vineyards, by people with a passion for their traditions, land and grapes.




Peter Dalton imports a range of fine French wines including wines from Château Roubaud, Chateau Montaunoir and Ortas de Rasteau.


The Dalton's family name originates in French Normandy so it is no surpise that over the past 22 years we have built strong ties with some of the most fantastic wine producers France has to offer. The vineyards we work with are steeped in history, tradition and passion for wine making. 





Feel the warmth of the Spanish sun all year round with Salvador Poveda, producing wine outside Alicante since 1930. The people at Salvador work closely with vineyards from across Spain and after a difficult week of tasting wine at the home of Salvador, we decided to expand the Spanish range and work with one of their partners from Rioja. 



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