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For a true taste of Italy...

Colavita, ireland, Dalton Food

Colavita extra virgin olive oil and Colavita pure olive oil are born from the finest italian olive trees that have been expertly worked for many generations. The olive groves are cultivated without chemical agents and thus have escaped any type of contamination. The robust flavour of their olive oil, its pale green and golden colour, its delicate bouquet and aroma are the incomparable fruits of a unique balance between the bounty of nature and the patient care of those who work the olives.


Colavita olive oils derive from ancient groves located on Italian hillsides that have been worked for centuries. From tree to bottle, three generations of the Colavita Family assure us they produce only the best of the fruit of the olive. The results are quite obvious: a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet suitable for every type of cuisine.


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Riscossa, Ireland, Dalton Food


It all began in 1902, when Leonardo Mastromauro decided to call his project Riscossa because of its fiery and innovative nature, as those were the times when everyone was looking for a re-birth, their own “Riscossa”.


Pastificio Riscossa has been selling its products to the global market now for more than 100 years.The love for pasta and healthy life are behind the Riscossa dream to become a successful business, very well known all over the world. Since 1902, Riscossa has been bringing the best tasting Italian pasta to the tables of its customers by maintaining tradition and improving production with the latest technologies


The perfect synergy between tradition and innovation! 



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Le Ife, Ireland, Dalton Food

Le Ife” is a truffle company which emerged from the uncontaminated territory of Capracotta, high up in the mountains and wonderful valleys of Molise. Here expert and enthusiastic men do their best to extract one of the most prestigious fruits that nature offers: the truffle.

“Le Ife” was born from having a deep knowledge of the territory and a passion and love for truffles that was lost in the memories of ancient generations. At first they searched for the truffle, then it became their business.


For “Le Ife”, quality is not just a slogan, but a daily challenge for serious and motivated people who with passion and dedication,carry out a tough culinary project aiming first and foremost at defending an Italian culinary tradition.


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